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Driving from one construction site to another in a rush - is your site management running itself ragged?

Driving from one construction site to another in a rush - is your site management running itself ragged?

3/25/24, 8:00 AM

The daily life of a site manager in the construction industry can be hectic. Traditionally, managing construction sites has often meant constant rushing between locations, directing workers, delivering materials, and resolving errors and deficiencies reported by clients.

Imagine a situation where the foreman sends lists of defects and deficiencies as PDF documents via email, and it's the site manager's task to practically communicate this information to the workers.

"How do I distribute these tasks from this PDF to the workers?"

Transmitting this information can be confusing and time-consuming when trying to determine who does what, when, and where. Is the location image in the report large enough to show where in the building the particular area is? Or is it so small that you can see the section but can't locate the entire space?

Additionally, when there are workers on the site who speak different languages, communication and understanding instructions can be even more challenging.

Then there's the review of each task in the report from the contractor's perspective: does this task belong to the contract, or is it additional work? Will this problem recur elsewhere in the building if the instructions or worker information are incorrect, or if the task is performed differently than planned?

The use of a site manager's time and resources is not just a matter of cost - it directly affects the profitability and quality of the project. When site managers spend a large part of their day commuting between sites rather than actually managing and planning, it raises the question: is there a better way to handle things?

Does this drive a good and conscientious site manager to exhaustion?

"Well, yes. That's just how it goes, there's nothing to be done about it."

Modern technology provides a solution to this age-old problem. Imagine being able to manage a construction site anywhere in the world - and even better, so that every worker sees instructions and tasks in their own language. is developed precisely for this purpose: to provide an easy and efficient way to manage a construction site digitally.

With, site managers can assign tasks directly to workers within the app, which displays precise instructions, locations, and floor plans. This eliminates the need for physical message chains, PDF reports, and unclear instructions. Additionally, site managers can track task progress in real-time, identify obstacles and problems, and define tasks as additional work or repairs smoothly.

Utilizing such a system reduces the need for site managers to constantly move between sites, saving time and money, and improving project efficiency and communication. It also enhances worker satisfaction, as they receive clear instructions and know exactly what is expected of them.

Digital transformation is essential in the construction industry, and tools like demonstrate how the industry can benefit from modern solutions. Instead of site managers running from one site to another, the site management process can be streamlined, allowing site managers more time for tasks such as ensuring customer satisfaction and guiding and training workers.

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