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When you implement ticketing and chaining, you can say goodbye to Excel planning.

When you implement ticketing and chaining, you can say goodbye to Excel planning.

2/6/23, 6:30 AM

In the construction industry, project planning and monitoring can be challenging, but with tickets and their chaining, you can significantly ease site management and organization.

"Why tickets?"

Tickets represent individual tasks that can be assigned to a contractor and a worker. In the construction industry, work is always carried out in stages, which is why tickets can be chained together. When one ticket is completed, the next ticket's assignee is notified of the completion, allowing them to constantly know which tasks are available for completion.

Tickets also have a time value, potential cost, and deadline, allowing for the tracking of the entire site's progress, specific contract progress, individual work stages, or even individual worker progress. Tickets also adapt to changed schedules, allowing management to immediately see the impact of delays on the overall site progress.

Benefits compared to Excel planning:

Real-time tracking: Tickets allow you to monitor site progress in real-time, whereas changes in Excel files may not necessarily update automatically.

Better organization: Chaining tickets allows you to create a clear and flexible schedule of work stages, facilitating site organization.

Easy communication: The ticket system enables smooth communication between workers and contractors, helping to prevent misunderstandings and improve site efficiency.

Flexibility in changing situations: Tickets allow you to easily adjust schedules and work orders, whereas editing Excel spreadsheets can be laborious and time-consuming.

Reporting and analysis: The ticket system allows you to gather and analyze data on site progress, costs, and efficiency. This helps you make better decisions and optimize resource usage. Using Excel spreadsheets for reporting and analysis can be complex and error-prone.


Implementing tickets and their chaining can offer significant advantages over traditional Excel planning. They enable real-time tracking, better organization, easy communication, flexibility in changing situations, and efficient reporting and analysis. By trying out a ticket system, you can streamline site management and improve the chances of project success.

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