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Video instructions for every task and maximum efficiency in performance!

Video instructions for every task and maximum efficiency in performance!

1/30/23, 10:00 AM

In today's construction industry, it's increasingly important for professionals to work efficiently, safely, and with high quality.

Standardized workflow

With video instructions, all workers perform their tasks in the same, standardized manner agreed upon with the site. This ensures uniform practices on the site, thereby improving work quality and efficiency.

Time saved on training and learning

When workers can review video instructions before starting a task, they save time on training and learning. This speeds up their familiarization with new tasks and enhances their performance.

Worker receives an example from the instructional video on the time it takes to complete a task!

Ensuring job safety

Video instructions can also ensure job safety. They guide workers on safe working practices, helping them avoid potential hazards.

Easy creation of video instructions

Creating video instructions on the site is easy and quick. It only takes a few minutes and can be done directly on a phone. This means instructions can be created and updated flexibly and cost-effectively as needed.

Recurring instructions and automatic linking to ticket types

Video instructions can be saved for recurring use and linked as default instructions to selected ticket types. For example, a tiling video instruction can be automatically displayed with a tiling ticket, ensuring consistent guidance for similar tasks. This simplifies management and ensures workers receive consistent instructions for different tasks.


Video instructions offer an easy, replicable, and practical way to enhance operations on a construction site."

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