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"Can you get 4 tilers to the construction site by tomorrow?"

"Can you get 4 tilers to the construction site by tomorrow?"

2/22/24, 10:00 AM

In the construction industry, rapid changes and labor needs are common. You might be asked, "Can you get 4 tilers to the construction site by tomorrow?"

Traditional way of determining labor availability

Typically, answering such a question requires multiple phone calls and inquiries. You need to check if suitable workers are available, if they have the required tiling skills, if they can work independently on the construction site, and if they are available in that geographical area. Then, you still need to call each worker individually, confirm the tasks, the location of the construction site, and record the information for others to know. The whole process can be very laborious and time-consuming.'s Allocation functionality streamlines the process

With's Allocation functionality, you can immediately check for available workers, equipment, and supplies. This allows you to quickly respond to whether the arrangement is possible. When using the Allocation functionality, assigning labor to the construction site sends information to the workers via push notification. This ensures that they understand the tasks and know the location of the construction site. Allocation is also visible to other supervisors, so you can avoid double bookings and errors.

The Allocation functionality also ensures that individuals have the necessary skills for the client's request and tasks. All information is stored in the system, so you can later review reporting with breakdowns and work hours.

Summary's Allocation functionality makes managing rapid labor arrangements easy and efficient. It allows you to ensure the availability of the right workers and avoid double bookings.

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