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Efficient operation on the construction site relies largely on more than just the speed of the installers.

A visiting author, personnel of the main contractor

Efficient operation on the construction site relies largely on more than just the speed of the installers.

4/3/24, 7:00 AM

"The workers have finally arrived on site, but they don't have detailed information about where their installations should take place."

Is the following scenario all too familiar?

"Today we got word from the workshop that we're coming to this site. The logistics colleague from the workshop loaded the installable parts into the van and brought their own tools."

Very often, some subcontractors lack advance work information or communication to their own employees, leaving the instructions for the installation phase to the mercy of the main contractor's site manager. Once again, the workers arrive at the site without prior notice, and the main contractor's management team has an immediate task of informing the workers of their tasks, printing plans, and guiding the workers to the installation site.

Often, construction workers haven't been provided with floor plans or given access to project bank credentials, making it difficult to find their way around.

"Now we don't know how to navigate because we don't have information about the shape of the building complex, access routes, or closed paths."

Even the main contractor's management team faces a tough task of hurriedly printing all the necessary plans for unexpectedly arriving installers.

"Let's get the main plans for your tasks from the bank. Were these under architectural or structural plans? Do you still need floor plans? Well, let's print those too just to be sure, once I've dug them out from the bank for you."

A lot of time is spent again by the personnel in getting the installation-related documents to the workers, and in the rush, did they forget to print some critical document?

These problems can be solved efficiently and reliably. The necessary documents can be centrally available to all personnel related to the task whenever and wherever they need them. offers a practical channel to make all documents and plans, both necessary and task-specific, available to the personnel linked to the task. Employees of subcontractors or main contractors can simply add the documents and plans related to the task directly into the task or project in the application. Thus, anyone linked to the task can view or print the task details independently. It might be sufficient to link the plans and documents to the task once, and thereafter add the workers to the task, giving them direct access to the plans on their own devices. Not everything needs to be printed because plans and documents are easily viewable on phones, tablets, or computers.

The site plans and site layout are automatically available in the application to all workers linked to the site, allowing installers to better understand and find their installation locations without assistance from management if they wish.

"Don't let your workers wander around the site like in a labyrinth."

This solution improves the flow of traffic on the construction site and reduces the time spent navigating. A worker who can find the site faster and understand their location on the site will have an easier time completing their tasks.

Furthermore, even if the site manager of the subcontractor or main contractor needs to print plans on paper when the workers arrive, they can now do so much more easily directly from the list of documents linked to the task.

Efficient work is largely built around installers having a precise and clear understanding of the locations, plans, and details of their own tasks. And right now, making sure they have that information has become even easier with

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