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Is there ever a good time to change practices?

Guest author, site manager

Is there ever a good time to change practices?

4/5/24, 11:30 AM

The outdated practices in the construction industry are in need of renewal, and now, in the early stages of the era of artificial intelligence, it is an excellent time to transition to more technologically advanced solutions.

Currently, many construction sites operate using practices that have been chosen based on the habits of certain key individuals, and they often do not serve the parties involved as well as possible. Construction sites are managed and administered as they always have been, and new practices are not adopted.

The workforce, who are unfamiliar with computers and information technology, are currently retiring, and younger generations who have grown up surrounded by technology are becoming the majority in the industry.

The potential for efficiency enabled by technology and artificial intelligence in the construction industry needs to be utilized, especially now that younger workers are quick to adopt these advancements. The practices and methods in the construction sector are largely in need of modernization and streamlining.

Many tasks, records, and reports are still handwritten or drawn on scraps of paper. The presence of our own employees cannot be tracked except by physically going to the site or making phone calls. Material orders and equipment rentals are still handled through phone calls or emails, and tracking of rented equipment belonging to our own company can only be done through Excel spreadsheets provided by the rental company. Instructions for non-Finnish-speaking workers are communicated through hand gestures or, possibly, attempting to speak English to installers who do not understand the language.

Implementing new practices requires a change in mindset from those responsible for designing work solutions in the industry. New tools enable practices that could not have been imagined even ten years ago. The efficiency and profit margins of construction projects can be permanently increased with the adoption of efficient tools.

Now is the time to transition to more technologically advanced solutions, as the current practices are outdated and no longer serve the industry's needs effectively."

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