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Houssein Saade Appointed as CEO of

Houssein Saade Appointed as CEO of

1/1/24, 5:00 AM

Houssein Saade has been appointed as the CEO of effective January 1, 2024.'s co-founder, Houssein Saade, has taken on the responsibility of the company's operational leadership starting January 1, 2024. Saade holds a degree in civil engineering and brings with him a strong background in project management roles in complex construction projects.

Saade's responsibilities include leading and developing the business, recruiting key personnel, and overseeing commercial operations.

He is known for his ability to innovate and improve construction processes, constantly aiming for industry advancements and enhancements. With experience in site management and a wide network, Saade has a good understanding of the challenges and realities faced by various stakeholders in the construction value chain, including main contractors, clients' needs, subcontracting, and employee challenges.

Saade's excellent problem-solving skills and practical approach to complex challenges have already led to significant improvements in construction processes. He is also approachable and respected by colleagues, and his leadership is expected to strengthen and drive significant growth in the Finnish construction industry.

As a shareholder of the company, Saade is heavily involved in shaping the company's vision and strategy. We look forward to seeing what the future holds under Saade's leadership and wish him success in his new role.

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