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Access data at construction site gates: statutory reporting, hour tracking, or something entirely different?

Access data at construction site gates: statutory reporting, hour tracking, or something entirely different?

3/27/24, 9:00 AM

In the digital age of construction sites, access data has become commonplace. Workers clock in and out of construction sites with personal cards, and this information is utilized for various purposes - including reporting to tax authorities. But how useful is it to track access data at construction site gates?

Although subcontractors working on an hourly basis use access data as the basis for billing, it's clear that mere clock-ins and outs don't tell the whole story. A worker may have forgotten to clock in, even though they arrived at the site on time. On the other hand, mere presence doesn't equate to efficiency - a worker may be physically present, but their contribution to the project may be minimal.

In this context, the question arises: Is it fair and effective to assess workers' performance based solely on access data? Wouldn't it be more meaningful to focus on results achieved during the day, task completion, and its quality?

Current access data tracking systems can create distrust between different parties - not only between the site and subcontractors, but also between the employer and employee. This is because fixating on data can overlook workers' actual achievements and contributions to the project.

What if we could shift the focus from access logs to real productivity and efficiency? offers an innovative solution where workers' contributions and efficiency are seamlessly integrated with access data. The application allows not only tracking workers' presence and location but also the quantity and quality of tasks they perform, enabling a fairer and more transparent assessment.

This approach not only enhances site efficiency but also strengthens trust among all parties involved. Efficient workers who focus on quality work are appropriately rewarded, while support can be provided to improve inefficient work practices.

In reality, the atmosphere of efficiency and productivity is built on open communication, mutual trust, and fair evaluation. With, site management becomes even smoother, highlighting each worker's real achievements and promoting collaboration towards common goals. Perhaps it's time to consider a new approach in your company too?

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